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Herbs got me thinking this time…

  1. Sloe boat to China
  2. A stitch in thyme saves nine
  3. Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder
  4. The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but Vermouth
  5. Refreshes the parsley other beers can’t reach.
  6. Dill death do us part
  7. The seven sages of man
  8. A bunch of chives
  9. Between the chervil and the deep blue sea
  10. Keep calm and tarragon

OK, so I like my lists.

#Dog Sayings

  1. When the going gets ruff, the ruff get going
  2. What goes around, runs around
  3. Scratch that.
  4. A diamond in the woof
  5. Making a Pig’s Ear of it (opposite meaning to the human phrase – yum!)
  6. Dog does not live by biscuits alone
  7. Squeaky Toy Boy
  8. Sleeping Nine to Five
  9. Cleanliness is next to dogliness
  10. Live and let lie

Inspired by @t_loaf, here are my favourite Egg Films


  1. Blade Runny
  2. Phantom of the Oeufra
  3. Fry Hard
  4. Forest Dunk
  5. Raiders of the Lost Yolk
  6. A Coddled Orange
  7. All About Oeuf