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Just a quick list for today. Inspired by a piece on BBC News Online, here are my favourite misheard song lyrics (I actually made up the first one to tease a friend years ago. She fell for it.)

#misheard lyrics

  1. I just died in your arms tonight, it must have been something I ate (Cutting Crew, I just died in your arms)
  2. Row row row your boat, gently down the stream, merrily merrily merrily merrily, life’s a butter dream (traditional song)
  3. Every time you go away, you take a piece of cheese with you (Paul Young, Every time you go away)
  4. With logs of the fire, and fish on the tree (Cliff Richard, Mistletoe and Wine)
  5. Those who find themselves religious, sit down next to me (James, Sit Down)
  6. And did I once hear a version of Fairy Tale of New York that said ‘you’re cheap and you’re haggard’….

Bit of a repetitive theme, sorry. Here I’ve thought about my favourite food films. Tasty.


  1. The Life of Paella
  2. The Hogget
  3. The King’s Peach
  4. Reservoir Cobs
  5. Ham-let
  6. Prawn of the Dead
  7. Indiana Jones and the Raitas of the Lost Ark
  8. The Colour Burple!

Inspired by @t_loaf, here are my favourite Egg Films


  1. Blade Runny
  2. Phantom of the Oeufra
  3. Fry Hard
  4. Forest Dunk
  5. Raiders of the Lost Yolk
  6. A Coddled Orange
  7. All About Oeuf

Attended an excellent Derbys and Notts Chamber of Commerce breakfast networking meeting this morning. Always really interesting to explore how different companies can work together to offer wider ranging services to customers.

I’ve worked with Alfie Beardie to promote the national campaign to strengthen animal cruelty laws – Alfie’s Law: Paws for Thought, by producing templates for writing to MPs and local papers.

Click here to access the materials:

I’ll be using them, I hope you do too.


Well done to Alfie Beardie who now has more than 17,000 signatures on the e-petition to stregthen animal cruelty laws.

I’ve signed it – have you? Find out more and sign up here –

Around 80 new words have been added to the Collins online dictionary.

Report on the BBC here:

I wonder if the apppointment of Jeremy Hunt will lead to any policy changes at the Department of Health?