You may remember that I recently decided to try out a few different ways of fitting marketing for my own business into my working day. As a copywriter I develop communications and promotional materials for my clients, but I had been doing precious little of that for myself.

I tried an early morning start before dog walking – that time slot turned out to be very productive, and best saved for my clients!

I tried using travelling time on my way to a meeting. That turned out to be unreliable as my meeting was postponed so I simply carried on writing the client’s newsletter.

I set aside an hour at the end of a working day – that worked well both in terms of being productive and as a way of switching over from a working day to an evening off.

And I tried setting aside a whole day, but it just didn’t feel right. I was frequently checking emails for any urgent requests, and as ideas and inspiration came to me, I worked on client jobs as normal.

My conclusion? I’ll now set aside half an hour at the end of each working day to do copywriting, planning or other work for myself (hence posting this now).

And I will also keep marketing for Jo Powell Communications ticking over rather than forgetting it for a while and playing catch up. Which is exactly what I would recommend to everyone else!