Earlier today, while thinking about updating my website, I realised that I spend my working days developing communication and marketing materials for my clients, but give very little thought to promoting my own business.

So I thought I would crack on with it – ‘no time like the present!’ But is that really true? Should I be spending some of the morning – often my most productive time – writing for myself, or should I keep that time for my clients?

I wasn’t sure of the answer, so this week I will be trying various different time slots to see what works best.

Tomorrow I will have a go at writing something before my morning walk with the dog. On Wednesday I will use the travel time to my lunchtime meeting. On Thursday I will set aside an hour in the evening. And on Friday I will dedicate the day to Jo Powell Communications.

It will be interesting to see which works out for the best – will it be little and often or dedicated time, early or late, in the office or out and about. I’ll let you know!